Standardized Testing

The following tests are given to McCall students during the school year. The Testing Schedule is also available in PDF format to view/download/print.

The Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)

This state mandated test is administered to all students in grades 3 – 8 throughout the state of Illinois. The testing window is from March 8th to March 18th, 2011. The results of this test give us information on the progress made towards meeting the Illinois Learning Standards. Students at every grade level are tested in Reading and Math; Writing is tested in grades 3, 5, 6, and 8; and Science is tested in grades 4 and 7. There are four levels of performance:

Exceeds Standards- students demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills

Meets Standards – students demonstrate proficiency

Below Standards – students demonstrate basic knowledge with some learning gaps

Academic Warning – students demonstrate major gaps in learning

Teachers’ daily lessons are standards based, and they have been providing small group instruction to students in an effort to bridge the learning gaps.

Practice ISAT tests are available online at the following url:




Benchmark Assessments

Benchmark assessments are given three times a year to all students. Progress monitoring assessments are used with students needing interventions based on the benchmark data. It is used to measure the students’ response to intervention.

1. Initial Sound Fluency (Kindergarten) – ability to identify, isolate and pronounce the first sound of an orally presented word. The tester produces a sound and the student must find which of four pictures begins with that sound.

2. Letter naming Fluency ( Kindergarten to Grade 1) – powerful indicator of risk for reading failure. Students are asked to name as many letters as they can within one minute.

3. Oral Reading Fluency (Mid grade 1 to Grade 5) – benchmark passages at each grade level are used to measure accuracy and speed in oral reading of graded passages. Students read each of three passages aloud for one minute. The student’s score is the median correct words per minute from the three passages.


Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Our new district wide assessment is “Measures of Academic Progress” or MAP. MAP is a computerized test in Reading, Language Usage and Math. The tests are not timed, but usually take about one hour to complete each test. When taking a MAP test, the difficulty of the question is adjusted based on the student’s previous answer. For example, if the student answers the question correctly, the next question is harder. If answered incorrectly, the next question is easier. The test adapts to the student’s level. The final score is an estimate of the student’s achievement level. This score is called a RIT score.

All students are tested in fall and spring, with select testing in winter and summer.

See the MAP Brochures for additional information:


ACCESS (for ELL Students)

The ACCESS test (Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State for English Language Learners) is a state mandated assessment that is administered to all English Language Learners to measure English Language Proficiency. The testing window is from January 14th through February 15th of 2012.